Governmental Betrayal

When seasons change there is always a certain anxiety in the air. Many people wonder what a new season will bring. The anticipation of positive change or a foreboding premonition of unsettling times ahead are the two distinct realities facing when seasons change. If this past year was any indication of what a new season brings more of us understandably acknowledge those foreboding premonitions of more difficult times still lay ahead.

Today, as the seasons are changing once again too many still sense a dire continuation of difficult times. Difficult times brought on by the utter contempt for the public by too many Republican members of Congress. Their unwillingness to see the forest through the trees as they say has only fostered the public’s distrust in elected officials. And, when people have lost their trust in government, a trust that was and is being betrayed the cycle of despondency for millions continues. The lives that have been lost, the livelihoods that were extinguished and personal sacrifices that have risen has rendered much of society to bare the consequences of when government fails to serve the public.

Today, society is at an impasse as to what will it take to restore trust in a government that continually betrays the public. We can recall in history periods where government betrayed the publics trust. And in so many times that betrayal brought forth political upheavals so grave that sparked open revolutions. Revolutions to replace one form of government with another in hopes that with a revival of trust will be restored when a new government is formed.

What Congress is doing with all the delays in passing any bill that would help the American citizen is noting short of criminal. This is especially true when the Republicans who are such staunch supporters of negative responses to the urgent crisis that faces the United Sates today. All they have done and continue to do is putting more Americans in jeopardy of devastating financial ruin and subsequently endangering people’s lives and livelihoods.

Someone once said there is a time for every season. A season when things turn maybe for the better and then again maybe for the worse. Now, as time turns another page the tempests of today have made it almost impossible for the public to relinquish the yolk of oppression imposed by our self serving bureaucracy. The change of the season has again proved that things have indeed changed and not for the better either.

When other countries have responded to this Pandemic they have done so with a great deal more compassion to the needs of their populations. The United States on the other hand has shown the rest of the world how pathetic and uncaring our government really is. This is what happens when the political system has become so corrupt. And this corruption has indeed seeped into the very framework of our society. No longer is the United States united. We have become a nation composed of several different factions. No longer is there a cohesiveness that bridges the divides within.

This is so evident when there is so much combativeness and utter unwillingness to compromise within the halls of government. When promises made by politicians fail to deliver and in too many instances outright lie has become the norm in today’s political realm of reality. When voting irregularities regularly occur and when the established hierarchy of both political parties commit fraud which has happened not once but on several occasions have made our political system evolve in the worst possible way. It is now no wonder then that the majority of the American public continue to be left out in the cold whenever government finally decides to act. Betrayed by government once to often. When will we ever learn?