How To Protect Floors From Sliding Furniture

The problem with furniture is that it doesn’t always stay in the right place. Your furniture is constantly sliding off the beautiful hardwood floor, instead of staying neat and tidy. It may only be a few inches off the right alignment, but it is still annoying.

Furniture that is slid can cause scratches and scrapes to your hardwood flooring. There are many ways to stop furniture sliding on your hardwood floor. Here are some ways furniture can be prevented from sliding on wooden floors.

  1. Furniture feet

It is likely that this option will last as long as your sofa. Furniture feet are a great option if you want something you can keep clean for a long period of time. They are a little more expensive than other options, but they work well.

Furniture feet are basically used to attach furniture legs to your chair, couch, or another piece. These furniture feet won’t fall apart because they are securely screwed in. You should get lots of use from them.

  1. Drawer liners

You can simply cut a drawer liner into pieces that will fit under your furniture’s feet. You can attach the drawer liner pieces to your furniture using hardwood floor glue or tape.

  1. Rubber balloons

Another DIY project that can produce great results is this. You will need a few rubber balls (or more depending on how many pieces of furniture you want to slip-proof). Next, follow the same steps as you did to make the drawer liner a slip-stopper. Use an adhesive that will not damage your hardwood floors.

  1. Rubber pads

You can find rubber pads at many locations. These pads are very popular and affordable. They also make it easy to use. They are easy to install. You just need to choose the right size, and then follow these instructions to attach them to the ends of your furniture legs. You should stop slipping immediately!

  1. Stop blocking

Do you remember sitting on your couch and feeling content? Then, when you got up to get up, the couch slipped backward. If your couch is placed on a hard floor, this is a common problem for couches. You can solve this problem by installing stop blocks behind your couch. These useful items can be bought in a shop or made at home.

You can make the blocks by yourself by drawing the backs on your couch legs. Make wooden blocks of the same size and thickness to fill the space between your couch’s back and the wall. You shouldn’t have any problems sliding when you get back on your couch.

  1. Rugs

You want to prevent slipping, but also to preserve your hardwood floors. An area rug is a great investment and for that you can buy a custom rugs with logo. You can display your hardwood floor while keeping furniture steady.

A rug can bring color, drama, and style to any room. You can complement or contrast the decor and colors in your room by choosing a rug that is informed by these elements. You and your guests may enjoy the warmth of the fireplace in winter.

  1. Furniture grippers

Use furniture grippers to make your rooms slip-free in no time. You can find furniture grippers in most home hardware stores, so it’s easy to get them. So that your guests can’t see the grippers, make sure you get the right size grippers for your furniture feet. Although it may seem small, these details can make a room beautiful.