Interesting Facts About Sleep

People spend two thirds of their life sleeping which is roughly about 25 years based on the average life span. Sleep is an essential part of human existence and with numerous studies on the science of sleep there are still some interesting facts that we could discover.

In the last 20 years, the development in sleep science has reached new frontiers given insights to the mystery that shrouded sleep.

  1. Humans are the only species that can delay sleep or deprived themselves of sleep. According to sleep scientist Matthew Walker, many people are consciously depriving themselves of sleep which results to inadequate sleep. An average of eight hours of nightly sleep is what The National Sleep Foundation recommends.
  2. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep. In normal circumstances, humans should fall asleep within 10 to 15 minutes once in bed. But for those who immediately doze off in under 5 minutes, they might be considered to be suffering from sleep deprivation.
  3. Women sleep more than men. Women in general are multitaskers which make their brains work doubly hard that requires longer sleep in order to recover.
  4. People who sleep for less than 7 hours per night have negative effects on their emotions. Lack of sleep has negative effects on mental and emotional wellbeing. It causes mood swings, anger, irritability and diminishing one’s capability to handle stress.
  5. During sleep our sense of smell decreases. Although the human brain remains active during sleep, the sense of smell on the other hand diminishes which is the reason behind the invention of fire alarms.
  6. 75% dreams in black and white until the invention of color television. Decades ago, before the invention of color TV, general population dreams in black and white. With the development of technology and the replacement of old B & W TV to color TV, only about 12% still have dreams in black and white colors.
  7. A new mattress bed can improve the quality of sleep. People who sleep in a new mattress or bed can have an average of extra 42 minutes sleep according to The Sleep Council. The quality of mattress has direct effect on sleep it can either leave you tossing and turning in bed or allow you to sleep comfortably. Dirty, smelly, noisy and sagging mattress is a sign that you need to buy a new one because it will no longer give you the comfort and support your body needs in order to recharge your whole system overnight.

It is really interesting how sleep affects our life from the moment we were born till we grow old. It is one big factor towards having a holistic health and a productive life. It is true that having a better quality of sleep each night can be attributed to a successful life, because it means being healthy and healthy is equivalent to being wealthy. Final word, always find time to sleep at night, make a restful, uninterrupted sleep every night because that is the only time that your body and mind can recharge so you can perform at your best the next day.