COVID 2020: A Call To Arms

With the elimination of so many distractions, have you now come face-to-face with yourself? Have you begun to question everything? Have you discovered what is really important?

A simple virus stopped us in our tracks and is wreaking havoc around the world-not because of some insidious global conspiracy, but because as a species we’ve been on a runaway train, speeding out of control in the wrong direction, and something had to happen to get our attention.

For not only have we been wantonly eviscerating the environment upon which we depend for our very existence, but we are mired in an appalling state of socioeconomic inequity, inequality, and injustice.

The thing is, it won’t matter who we elect this year if enough of us don’t change the quality of energy and consciousness we embody, and again scramble to restore the status quo. Something even more dramatic will have to show up to shock us into awakening and precipitate the necessary transformation of human civilization on planet Earth.

Because no amount of protest can accomplish what a simple shift in frequency and consciousness can, as protest by its very nature is anti-, and anti- simply embroils us in the static of the issue we are protesting.

And politics-which does a very good job of keeping us distracted and very well divided-is never the answer: righteousness cannot be legislated, goodness cannot be enacted into law, and greed cannot be criminalized.

In fact, the only true and lasting remedy against the forces of destruction running rampant, is a critical mass of enlightened consciousness permeating our Quantum Reality.

And that depends on you.