My Button Is Bigger Than Your Button!

The world seems to be being held hostage by the megalomanianic premise that he who hath the biggest capability to destroy the entire planet and all human kind, rules the world.

This pre-supposes that the goal of any or all definable nation states is to in fact rule the world.

This supposition can be borne out by historical acts of war and colonization since the beginning of recorded history. But with the advent of the increased human population and the need to supply the basic needs of humanity with some standard of fair opportunity and access, imperialistic proclivities have all but become a secondary concern.

This is true even for those who already rule the world and those that exercise the most influence.

Imperialistic power is dissipating, becoming unsustainable due the sheer number of people on the planet and their projected increase.

With each individual striving for his own level of “independent” life, the shadow of the imperialistic mind-set, which has been pervasive throughout our cultures for a very long time, recedes to reveal a brighter, shinier world, where everyone is living in peace and harmony.

Consider the point, what are all of the micro wars, fighting and global violence all about? For example Syria, what is the root of that issue and can it really only be resolved by the actions currently being taken? Similarly, for any given situation around the world, even terrorism and extremism.

They all want something. Is this something that they want impossible to give? Can this something only be gotten by slaughtering human beings and devastating lives? I am merely asking the question, but to be honest, it really does not seem quite rational to me.

The current world state of affairs is a Mexican stand-off between the nation states with the greatest nuclear capabilities, namely the USA and Russia.

Add to that the “wannabes” and the agitators ready to chip in or assert their position in the game. Ready to use overwhelmingly destructive violence to get what they want.

But many are shying away from this predilection even though the prevailing method of conflict resolution at a national level and in many cases for individuals, is still war and violence.

It’s hard to put down the gun once that has become the chosen way, but there comes a point, where it just does not make any sense.

Like all things heinous, slavery and apartheid, this hostage situation has to end. The mentality that you would destroy your enemy, even at the realistic risk of destroying yourself and possibly the entire planet, does not play anymore. The keeper of that mentality is becoming seemingly and apparently, unhinged.

While Trump fires blasts of empowered rhetoric at Iran and North Korea and anyone else that again, seemingly challenges his interests, the rest of the world does not want it. We want the brighter, shinier world, the one with peace and harmony.

You might have the biggest button, but using it would seriously be an act of insanity. Think about it.