5 Examples Of Why You Can’t Have Discussions With Some!

Many believe, it is far – simpler, to have a comprehensive discussion, with people, who rely – upon facts, than those, who seem to believe, their opinions are the same as facts! Although, everyone is entitled to his own opinions, no one should be granted his facts, simply, on his say – so! Although, we’ve often observed politicians, who slant/ skew actions, reactions, and reasons/ reality, what occurred, during the last four years, is unlike anything, in recent memory (and, not, necessarily, in a good – way)! In the past, the degree of partisan behavior, did not seem, as divisive and polarizing, as today, when, almost nothing, of consequence, seems to get achieved, by our elected officials! Even, when something, appears to be, a so – called, no – brainer, very little, gets done! Wouldn’t it be nice, if these politicians, at least, sometimes, prioritized the greater good, than their personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples/ reasons, why you can’t have meaningful discussions, with certain individuals.

1. Has the GOP become the POT?: To many, it seems, the Grand Old Party (GOP/ Republican), has, morphed – into, the Party of Trump (POT)! The rhetoric, statements, and voting habits, even, on somewhat – obvious issues, seems to be, consistently, going, out – of – its – way, trying to please, the former President, rather than getting things, which should be priorities, achieved! When, the vast majority of elected – Republicans, refuse to, even, agree to a commission to examine the events of January 6th, 2021, and related activities/ issues, to consider, how to prevent these risks, into the future, it clearly demonstrates, this partisan behavior, has gone, too – far! When, we applaud, the 35 members of that party (out of more than 200), who, agreed to this common sense, idea, it must concern us! When, so many people, prioritize, conspiracy theories, and, so – called, Alternative Facts, over, real facts, the United States, seems to be facing, a clear and present danger!

2. Alternative Facts: President Trump’s communication adviser stated, he wasn’t lying, etc, but, merely articulating, Alternative Facts, it shouldn’t be surprising, there is so much polarization! There is, only, one – set of facts, whether you agree/ like, them, or not!

3. Conspiracy theories: Groups, such as, Q Anon, etc, cling to unproven, conspiracy theories, which, have, often, led – to, potentially (and, actual), dangerous ramifications!

4. Anti – vaccination, and anti – masks: Most people, who, cooperate, and wore masks, because, it made sense, from a public health, perspective, have difficulty, discussing this, with the so – called, anti – maskers! Claiming, without evidence, and/ or, expertise, they don’t work/ aren’t effective, harm the greater good! Instead of applauding, and anxiously, wanting to get vaccinated, because, it’s the only, safe and effective, path – forward, to escape from the ramifications of this horrific pandemic, seems to oppose, quality, common sense!

5. Hate crimes: For, whatever reasons (or, set of reasons), we’ve witnessed, hate crimes, occurring, at a concerning level! Whether, it was, anti – Asian, anti – Semitic, racist, etc, it is alarming! We are supposed to be a nation, of laws, focused on protecting many freedoms, and rights, with liberty, and justice, for – all!

Wake up, America, and begin, speaking, to, each other, rather than, at, others! We need to address this concerning, set of situations, sooner, rather than later!