5 Priorities For America To Address, Now!

Every nation, including, the United States of America, face a variety of obstacles, some more significant, and pressing, while others, far – less, meaningful! How we, choose, to proceed, forward, and our degree of focus, commitment, and discipline, including which priorities, we set, will, undoubtedly, determine, our destiny, and how, we leave this nation, for future generations! Historically, the U.S. seemed to represent, both, to its citizens, as well as the rest of the world, the core principles, of fairness, rights, freedoms, and Constitutional guarantees. In our, ever – evolving, world, we face many crucial decisions, and how, we proceed, will, probably, determine, whether we maintain this position! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 priorities, America must address, now!

1. Education: How much will we cherish education, and educational opportunities? Will we make it a priority, by, putting – our – money, where our mouth – is? While, most other countries, encourage higher education, by ensuring, affordability, does not, become an obstacle, the cost of college, in our country, has risen, significantly! Since I am a product of the City University of New York (CUNY), having graduated from Queens College in 1972 (QCNY), I remember, when a quality education, cost students, next – to – nothing! If, we hope to regain, our standing, in the world, in terms of achievements, etc, we must ensure, all our people, can afford a quality education, regardless of family finances, etc. We must create a path – forward, to making, this, affordable, once – again!

2. Environment: It seemed, President Trump, sought to reduce, many of the common sense, necessary, environmental protections, his predecessors, emphasized, and prioritized! How can we hope, to protect the public health, of the current, and future generations, unless/ until, we emphasize, protecting clean air and water, and other, environmental needs?

3. Climate Change; Carbon Imprint; Coal: No matter how inconvenient, denying, Climate Change, does not make it, any less, a reality! To do so, we must, proceed, forward, and commit, to significantly, reduce our so – called, Carbon Imprint! We must reduce, and eliminate, our dependence, on dirtier forms of energy, such as coal, to achieve this, but, simultaneously, must re – train the workers, in that industry, in better jobs, etc!

4. Address systemic racism: The reality is, systemic racism, exists, and should not! In many areas of our society, etc, we must do, whatever, we can, to reduce it, in a well – considered, studied – manner!

5. Sane gun safety controls: How many more, must die, before,we do something, in this country, to address, the issues, related to gun safety, in this nation? We experience, the largest number of gun – related deaths, and injuries, in this nation, than the rest of the world! We can’t, simply, claim, the 2nd Amendment, provides, unlimited gun rights! Rather, since we register cars, and license drivers, shouldn’t we, at least, register guns, and license gun owners/ users? Shouldn’t there be a combination, of background – checks, mental/ emotional evaluation, and physical fitness, requirements, as well as proficiency checks? If new drivers, need to pass a drivers – test, shouldn’t it be required, to own and use a gun? In addition, why should, items, such as assault weapons, and semi – automatic guns, which easily accommodate, multiple rounds of ammunition, be, broadly, available? This should be done, while respecting, the rights and freedoms, of those, who will use guns, safely, and appropriately!

Either, we begin to address these priorities, sooner, rather – than – later, or, we will lose our national identity, etc! Will you demand better, from our elected officials, and prioritization these essentials, and necessities?