6 Areas Needing Focus, To Effectively Reduce Systemic Racism!

Unless, one is, in – denial, he must admit, unfortunately, systemic racism, not – only, exists, in America, but poses a significant obstacle, to our supposed – system, which provides, equal justice (and, rights), to all! In the past few years, for several reasons, probably, but, largely, because the former President, often, seemed to articulate a message, loaded – with, vitriol, and blaming others, for many ills – of – society, we have witnessed, an alarming, apparent, escalation, in these behaviors! It is, probably, not, an accident, there has been, a large increase, in the number of reported, hate crimes, also! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 areas, needing focus, emphasis, prioritization, and urgent, well – considered, actions, sooner, rather than, later, to, hopefully, reduce the amount, and degree of, systemic racism.

1. Courts: United States Courts, and the associated system, are supposed to provide, impartial justice, for – all! However, many studies, clearly, indicate, our justice/ court system, is, anything – but, equal, to/ for – all! Favorable treatment, appears, to be, given, to our wealthiest, most influential, people, and, unfortunately, far – less, fairness, to, people – of – color!

2. Police: Much publicity and news coverage, has been given, these, last, few years, to cases, such as the killing of Eric Garner, which was taped, and horrific, than, to the fact, it seems, there is an unfortunate habit, where many, feel, their crime, is, for, Driving – While – Black, etc! Unfortunately, there seems to be a general pattern, of, anything – but, equal treatment, by many police departments, and police officers!

3. Equal employment opportunities, and pay/ compensation: Whether, we look at employment, based on, being employed, having a meaningful career, equal employment opportunities, or, the rate of pay/ compensation, it seems, clear, there are factors, involvement, which, unequally, treat, certain minorities, etc!

4. Unify, not polarization: This nation works better, when our public officials, focus – on, unifying, instead of polarizing, and creating, an adversarial – environment! Only, when people believe (and, the facts, support), they are treated, equally, regardless of race, creed, religion, and/ or, ethnicity, we will experience, an unfortunate – divide!

5. Legislation: Have you ever, wondered, while, far – too many, of those, we elect, to serve and represent, all – of – us, seem to emphasize, their core supporters, over the rest? We need to do, better, in this regard?

6. Meeting – of – minds, for common good: The United States, better – represents, all, when the objective is, creating a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common/ greater good! Unfortunately, many politicians, and elected officials, seem to emphasize, dividing, instead of unifying!

We must address, systemic racism, sooner, rather than later, if this nation, is to live – up to its potential, and ideologies! Will you demand better?