Ravishing Indian Handloom Fabrics

Indian Hand-looms are going places outside India and weavers who are working so hard are getting peanuts as a daily wages. Some of them have exposed themselves through exhibitions and fairs but the others are still living a life below the poverty line.

Like farmers weavers are also committing suicide and government is only praising its schemes and bragging about it on stage. There are so many websites created telling the glory of our traditional weaving art, but, how many have the statistics correct.

Places where whole family is working for a basic monthly income.

Places where youngsters have come to the big cities leaving their tradition behind. now the family has no-one to carry forward this art.

Unlike other castes where government provided families with lands to cultivate, weavers did not get anything and are literally left to die. Government came to action when there was an alarming situation and things are coming up in front. All this kept hidden for long and the weavers were made fool by not paying their worth.

Situation has been changed to some extent, but still there is a long way to go for the weavers as well as for the visionaries.

Indian Handloom fabrics are making their way to fashion ramp walk, celebrities closet and international platform too. There is no way we can doubt on the process workflow. Despite this, weavers who pours their creativity into one fabric is unique in its own way.

Bollywood celebrities like Vidya Balan, Rekha, Neha dhupia, Sonam Kappor are big fans of Indian Handloom and Monika Vadera in politics can be seen in khadi sarees always.

Ours is a platform where we consider all the facts and stories of our tradition but our motto is to create the value of Indian Handlooms. We want to make ti reachable to all, from common man to high-profile people. Everyone should praise and use handmade clothes as a regular use. It should not be left only for special occasions like weddings and festivals. One can normally wear handlooms at offices, at homes or even as night wears. They are comfortable, heals your body as these fabrics use organic raw materials and top it you feel connected to your roots.

Forget the trends and create your own through weaving threads. You will never feel the urge to follow any big names because that time you will be satisfied seeing you with dignity.

Why not create a special you and leave the blindly following trend?