The RISKS Of Public Procrastination!

Most people consider, procrastination, as, putting off, for tomorrow, things, you should fo today, However, when, it comes to, public policy, as it relates to public officials (especially, elected ones), it actually, involves, still, avoiding one’s responsibilities, which, should have, already, been performed, today, or, even, before! Unfortunately, all – too – often, voters, and the public, at – large, under – estimate the potential, and inherent RISKS, involved, when matters, aren’t addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters, significantly.

1. Relevant; reality; reasoning; research, responsive/ responsible; results; readiness: One of the challenges, faced by real leaders, is effectively, addressing, relevant issues, in a realistic way, and proceeding, with reasoning, based on the finest, possible research! One must, consistently, be responsive, to pressing issues, proactively, and proceed, in the most responsible way! Only, when one’s readiness, for the best results, is a priority, will stakeholders, and their organization, is the ultimate consideration!

2. Ideas; intentions; imagination; ideals; integrity: Everything should be considered, on a, risk/ reward basis, aligned with absolute integrity! Measure, the best path, forward, based on their intentions, and whether, there is a balance, between, true imagination, and meaningful ideals!

3. Status quo; solutions: In many cases, when the same – old, same – old, ways, are the primary focus, the best a group, can hope for, is, the status quo! Only, when, all viable options and alternatives, are considered, with an open – mind, is there, a potential, for the finest solutions!

4. Knowledge; keep; known: Some tend to procrastinate, because they fear (or, are uncomfortable, seeking) anything, which isn’t known/ familiar, etc! Great leaders understand, what needs to be kept, and proceed, with the knowledge, and understanding, to act, proactively, towards the finest solutions!

5. Sustainable; service; stronger; sooner: Well – considered plans, and actions, must be acted – upon, sooner, rather than later! When, procrastination, is the tendency/ approach, the possibility for providing, necessary service, is diminished, and, potentially, harmed! Only, when a leader, consistently, provides, the most bang – for – the – buck, will his leadership, and his organization, become stronger, more relevant and sustainable, and enhance the rewards, on that, risk/ reward scale!

When public leaders, procrastinate, rather than proceed, taking, well – considered, timely action, groups, often, experience, many unnecessary RISKS! The better prepared, and effective, one prepares, and, is prepared, and one’s being, ready, willing, and able, to take timely actions, the better – positioned, is the group!