Why America Needs/ Deserves FRESH Ideas?

Insanity is defined, as doing the same thing, over, and over, again, and expecting different results. These words, attributed, by some, to Albert Einstein (although, many believe, he wasn’t the originator, of this statement, points – to, why, we need, now, more than ever, public leaders, who, think – outside – the – box, rather than, remaining within their personal/ political comfort zones, saying and doing, the same – old, same – old! Many of us, are concerned, by the tone of the conversation, where, too many Americans, are, talking, at, each other, rather than, to one – another! The future of this nation, depends on, voters, demanding better, and, seeking, leaders, who are, consistently, ready, willing, and able, to articulate, FRESH ideas, which emphasize, the common good, Constitutional guarantees, rights, and freedoms, and equality. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Face facts; future; fruition; finish: We can’t afford, to continue, electing people, based on their personal popularity, empty rhetoric, and promises! Rather, we must demand, they face the facts, realistically, and strategically, rather than burying – their – heads, in the sand, and/ or, denials, etc. The future of the United States of America, depends, on, how we proceed, and whether, the leaders have, what it takes, to bring, the right perspectives, into – fruition, and the endurance, persistence, and inner fortitude, to take things, to the necessary finish!

2. Relevant; responsible; responsive; rationale; right thing: Above all, we need to elect people, who will emphasize, doing, the right thing! His focus must, be relevant, as well as responsible, and responsive, to the needs, goals, and perceptions, of our citizens, etc. While, this may seem, to be, common sense, it is often, one of our rarest commodities!

3. Empathy; emphasis; enrich; excellence; energy/ energize; efforts: Why does it seem, there are few, with genuine empathy, and whose emphasis, focuses on, what it should (and, must – be), to be a proud American? Shouldn’t elected officials, seek to enrich all, of us, and, consistently, demand, their utmost degree of personal excellence, rather than settling, for, good – enough? Wouldn’t any efforts, have a better chance, to succeed, if/ when, their personal energy, proceeded, to energize, us, consistently?

4. System; service; solution; sustainable; strengths/ stronger/ strengthen: For, a public leader, to strengthen, us, he must be ready, willing, and able to create/ introduce, the finest system, aimed at providing, meaningful service, focused, both, on relevant and sustainable solutions, for the greater good! These individuals, should use their personal strengths, in order to make the nation stronger, and, do so, by strengthening us, in all ways!

5. Head/ healing; human/ humane; how; hear: One can only introduce fresh, needed ideas, if/ when, he hears and understands, the challenges, and decides, to make a change, for the better! He must use his head, to emphasize healing, and bring us together, for the greater good! Humane leadership, constantly, seeks, viable solutions, with an open – mind, and articulates, clearly (after considerable review, etc) how, to proceed, forward!

Wake up, America, and elect people, who will introduce, well – considered, FRESH idead! We need this, sooner, rather than later, if we wish to protect, what this nation, must, stand – for, and represent!