God Wants to Use You

Let’s go back to the time when the author was here on earth for a moment. Just before this, Jesus was still on earth, and He upset the applecart. Many people repented. Some struggled. Especially the Jews.

I don’t really know what they expected the Messiah to look like, but many of them didn’t recognise Him. Even today the Orthodox Jews cannot get their heads around Jesus coming to earth. They got stuck at Moses and the law. The Jews’ whole belief system centred on Moses and they knew the law from A to Z by heart.

That’s why the author of Hebrews tries to show the reader how Jesus compares to Moses. Just as Jesus was called by God, Moses also had a heavenly calling. Their callings were almost the same. Moses had to get God’s people out of slavery. Jesus had to get people out from under the burden of sin. Fortunately, He also did it for us non-Jews.

In a way Moses, and what he did to save the Israelites from slavery, is an indication of Jesus’ coming. In addition, it not only shows God’s involvement with his people, but that God uses people to have his will be done on earth.

The Living Bible puts it like this: 2For Jesus was faithful to God who appointed him High Priest, just as Moses also faithfully served in God’s house.

Moses was a prominent Biblical figure, for both the Jews and us, someone we can look up to. The story of him leading the Israelites from Egypt is filled with wonder and miracles. The climax most surely was when he brought the laws that God had written on two stone tablets from the mountain. Truly a remarkable man.

This is why the author compares Moses and Jesus.

However, when we look back at Moses’s story, we remember that one day, when he was still living in Pharaoh’s palace, he went walking in the fields. One of the Egyptians was a bit rough with an Israelite. Moses got angry, knocked the guy around a bit, and in the process, the Egyptian died. Moses had to flee for his life.

Moses’ temper got the better of him at times. Like the time he hit the rock – because of that he couldn’t enter the promised land. But God used him to save his people from slavery.

This is a major lesson for all of us. Often, we feel we sin too much and think that God cannot use us. We’ve done so many wrong things in our lives, how can God ever use us? But that’s exactly what God does. He uses crooked sticks like us to hit straight shots.

Like Malcolm:

I once was a bad guy. In my teen years I was a gangster, a drug dealer and a drug addict. Today I sit in an office – so great is our God. I feel so blessed and now I tell people of the greatness of God.

Like God used Moses, Jesus and Malcolm, God wants to use you too. Believe it. Own it and do it. Go on!


Hebrews 3:1-6


Where does God want to use you?

How does God want to use you?

Where do you have to go?


Our Father, I sometimes feel like a chicken and not ready for the work You called me to do. But I do know that You want to use me. Please give me the strength and wisdom to do it. In Jesus’ Name, amen.