God’s Word Is Alive

Working on the farm, I was always astounded by the fact that when you cut wild shoots growing off the vine’s rootstock into short bare pieces and dip them into hormone powder and then push them into the soil, they will grow.

What also fascinated me was that in winter we would cut off all the shoots close to the trunk and by spring the vineyards would be an explosion of green leaves. I always said that if you stood still and listened, you could hear the vines growing.

It was awesome to see life occurring in such a way.

The Word of God is just like that. The Word of God lives. It’s not a bunch of words painted on a scroll. It’s not dead, because then people would have fully explained the whole book 100 years before Christ already and we wouldn’t have known it today.

The Bible is truly a special book. Yes, these are the words of God, because of the simple fact that it has stood the test of time; the simple fact that no person can fully explain it; the simple fact that there are so many opinions about it; the fact that different people find different messages in it. This shows that the Holy Spirit was and is still involved in it. This is proof that the Word of God is surely alive.

When we are busy with the Word of God, we don’t always realise what we are holding in our hands. The Word of God is exactly that: the words of God. God is speaking. God is, as the saying goes, giving us “a piece of His mind”. God tells us in his Word what He is thinking, and what He wants us to know about Himself and about ourselves.

That’s why it is alive.12For the word of God is alive and powerful (New Living Translation).

For the Word of God to be powerful presupposes it being alive, because a dead thing can’t do anything. Only when there is life, the ability to do something is present. And when the Word of God does something, it does it powerfully.

People are moved. When people are busy in God’s Word, they are moved. They are changed. They walk out of God’s Word differently from when they walked in.

That is what a living Word does.

The Word of God keeps people on God’s road. It helps you understand how you have to live your life so that you can live within God’s will. The Word of God not only shows the sinner his or her sins, but also shows him or her the right way to go.

How can we do otherwise but to have an appointment to study the living Word of God every day? Each of us finds strength in it. Strength we need to walk through life the right way every day.


Hebrews 4:12-16


Do you believe that God’s Word is alive and powerful?

Does the Word of God give you strength for the day?

What do you have to do to spend more time in God’s Word?


Good morning, God of the Word. I must confess that I don’t spend enough time in your Word. I suspect this can be seen by the path my life is taking. I’m sorry, Lord. I would like to get to know You better through your Word. Please help me to do that. In Jesus’s Name, amen.