It Is Time to Eulogize

How often do we praise the Lord? Is it just during a victory celebration that is clothed in gratitude? Do we save our praises just for the communal worship experiences? What is praise? Is it an expression of adoration? For years I have taught that PRAISE could be illustrated best if we drop the letter “p” and “raise” our hands and voices to honor Him. Obviously, that is one way of expressing praise, but have we gone far enough? The word BLESSED is used throughout the New Testament as a word of adoration. In fact thirty-eight times the word BLESSED comes from the Greek word, eulogeo, from which we get the word eulogy. Eu means good and logy means speech. It is to speak well of someone, either deceased or alive. Funeral services usually have an opportunity for anyone to eulogize the individual. From the Gospel of Mark to I Peter 1:3 we see the word used to acknowledge the attributes of God. In fact, some translations use the word PRAISE in place of blessed. Our days should be filled with PRAISE acknowledging every aspect of His being. Praise should surround our prayers. Praise should flow from our triune man (body, soul and spirit). Praise should be the road most traveled, as we leave the congestion of everyday living and join the Heavenly choir that is continually singing, “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY.”

Much of our vocabulary centers on earthly things. We talk more about people than we do about God. People are looking for a living hope. Our country seeks a leader that will lead us in fulfilling our potentials. Politicians promote their credentials. Political parties blanket the country with proposed promises. Instead of light at the end of the tunnel we are driven further and further into darkness. It is time to EULOGIZE the only one who can dispel darkness and bring purpose. Let us talk about God and His Grace. Let us talk about Jesus and the price He paid. Believers give too much publicity to the misguided. We need to stand up and give God “center stage.”

When the Israelites faced the army of Amalek, Moses ascended to the top of a hill to oversee the battle. When Moses lifted up his hands, God’s army prevailed. When he dropped his hands, Amalek prevailed. As the hours passed, Moses hands became heavy. Two men quickly had Moses sit on a stone and they held up his hands until the Sun began to set. The victory was achieved. (Exodus 17:10, 11) Years before this incident Moses and the Israelites faced Pharaoh’s army. Trapped by the Red Sea God ordered Moses to stretch forth his hands, and when he did, the sea parted. The multitude passed over to the other side. As Pharaoh’s chariots raced after them, God told Moses to raise his hands again, and when he did, the water flooded the passage way and the Egyptian army lay in ruin. (Exodus 14: 21-29)

I liken these stories unto Believers today. As we learn to praise/eulogize God we will see every battle turn into victory. Let us stop worrying about the “attackers” and start seeing the victory through our praising.

HOMEWORK: For every letter of the alphabet, list an attribute of God beginning with each letter of the alphabet.