The Best Advocate and He’s Free!

A friend of mine works for a major international firm of attorneys. At the height of Covid-19, I asked him how the company was doing in this difficult time. He said his division was doing fairly well, but the people in litigation were struggling, because the courts were closed. He added that the people with these cases usually earned a lot of money for the company.

A family friend is a brilliant advocate. He acts in many of the high-profile cases. He got people acquitted that no one ever thought would get acquitted. I suspect his bill for these court appearances is fairly high.

The accused trusts his attorney and advocate completely. His life is literally at stake. The court procedures are unfamiliar. He doesn’t know what to say and what not to say. Therefore, he’ll get the best defence to fight his case in court on his behalf, and he does not hesitate to pay a lot for that.

This is exactly what happens to us too. We can’t deny that we do wrong things here on earth. We’re all humans and part of the deal is that we sin – some more than others.

We’re charged in the court of heaven for the sins we so enjoy doing on earth. It’s a lost cause, because the evidence against us is damning and there’s no arguing against it.

So, we have to get the best team to defend us. We have to get someone that is 100% trustworthy. Someone who knows what he is doing, because all the evidence is stacked against us.

Who better than Jesus to defend our lost case in the court of heaven: 14Now that we know what we have-Jesus, this great High Priest with ready access to God-let’s not let it slip through our fingers.

I always say that Christians do not have the inside track here on earth. We don’t get preferential treatment because we’re children of God. On the contrary, it may be harder!

But in heaven we have an inside track. Here we don’t have to stand in a long queue, but we’re fetched from the back and enter the courtroom first, since the court personnel know the case will be dealt with quickly. They already know what the ruling by God, the Judge, will be.

Why? They know the Advocate on duty. He wins every case. They already know God will say: “Not guilty”. The penalty for your sin was paid on the cross by this very Advocate. And then Jesus lifts his hands so that everybody can see the marks.

And best of all, there is no hefty bill afterwards like with advocates on earth. Everything is free of charge. Free. Only grace.

Thank goodness!


Hebrews 4:12-16


What does your bag of sin look like?

What will be the ruling in your court case?



Father, thank you for the best Advocate to fight my case in court. Thank you that He makes everything possible for me. Thank you that it is free of charge. Thank you for the heaps of grace You keep showering over me. Amen.