What Causes Spiritual Depression?

Spiritual depression is an issue that has been largely ignored by Christians during challenging times. Physical and mental depression has overshadowed the reality of diminishing spiritual growth. That is not to say that Biblical interest has waned, but Scriptural activity seems to have plateaued. People know the Word, but many times fail to act on the Word. When Christians ignore activating spiritual Truth, they develop a self-imposed guilt that affects their attitude. As their spiritual temperature stagnates, spiritual depression begins to appear. To counter the mounting depression, they substitute corporate worship for personal study; in other words, they hope to offset their inactivity by involving themselves in the active weekly worship experiences. Hoping they can gain spiritual stability, they enter into worship with a high level of emotional expressions of praise and worship. If they can “feel” the presence of the Lord, they believe they have stayed off their spiritual depression. The problem with that approach is that Monday is just around the corner and the weekly AOL from Biblical action begins to reoccur. Unless this action is altered, a greater degree of frustration will be evidenced. Soon, Spiritual Depression sets in due to not following the Word, and, if not addressed, will lead to an abbreviated Biblical lifestyle.

One of the problems that Believers have in pursuing consistent spiritual growth is that they are reading an unauthorized version of the Bible. The SIV (Self Interpretive Version) placates to the carnal nature of the reader. They search out verses that deal with what they can get, instead of learning how to give of themselves. People who read this version will high-light Scriptures that are acceptable with the least amount of commitment. Problems arise as a result of taking things out of context. When their chosen Scriptures do not “work,” they become confused. When they see other Christians flourishing in truth, the doorway to Spiritual Depression opens.

Depression is the pressing down and lowering of negatives to the point that the individual feels no incentive to act on God’s Word. When the Christian allows worldly things to overshadow Heavenly things, Spiritual Depression will become a real possibility. Media addiction is the cause of many bouts of anxiety. Whenever societal observations outweigh our time in the Word, we not only grieve spiritually, but we also grieve the Holy Spirit.

Prescription for dealing with Spiritual Depression:

Take a week hiatus from all media activities

Ignore the SIV Bible

Double up on personal Bible study

Have open-ended conversations with the Lord

Display what you have learned from your study

Abound with praise and worship

Be positive

NOTE: Refill as necessary